Life at Enfono

Here at Enfono, our team is challenged to grow to their fullest potential. We offer nothing but the best to our members as we provide an environment that is considerate, secure, and optimistic. With flexible working hours and the space to project your career trajectory to new heights, we offer it all.

Join Our Team

If you are looking forward to an opportunity where you can learn and advance in the following roles, contact us!

Full stack Developer

Developers who are comfortable with front-end and back-end coding, and can work as part of a cross-functional team to build software solutions are required

Django Developer

Python developers with experience using server-side logic and working in a team are welcome to apply.

Flutter Developer

Developers with a solid understanding of Flutter Development Framework and with experience building applications are required.

Operations Assistant

Individuals with excellent analytical and communication skills are required to assist the Operations Manager.

UI/UX Designer

Designers who can create user-centered, aesthetic designs with a keen eye for details are welcome to apply.

Digital marketing Executive

Individuals who are adept at planning and implementing online marketing efforts are required.

Customer Support

Representatives who can address and resolve customer issues efficiently are required.

Business Development Associate

Individuals who are proficient in identifying, acquiring, and retaining business are required.

Marketing and Communications

People with strong communication skills who can coordinate marketing and communications related activities are required.

Quality Assurance

Detail-oriented professionals who can ensure that the quality of our products and services meet the company standards are required.